Synergein Project


Sinergia refers to the Greek "synergia", «synergía», que significa «trabajando en conjunto»St. Paul in his epistles was the first to use this concept alluding to the result of the work between man and God.

In 1925, the German biologist Ludwig Von Bertanlanffy was the first to use the synergy in a non-theological field with the general systems theory. This theory explained a system as consisting basically of a set of elements that relate to each other in order to achieve one or more goals.

In physiology or biology, synergy is the act in which several organs or muscles move for the same purpose, the same goal.

In medicine the synergistic effect is the interaction between medicines, which achieve a different result than if they were administered independently.

In SYNERGEIN Project, synergy is the combination of the skills and abilities of its members (Sisco Aparici, Juanjo Llopico, Marc Moreno, Luís Azcona and Iván Ferrer) since its foundation in 2014. This combination of talents is capable of pushing the next development further away from the limits of percussion on a musical, technical and pedagogical level, dealing with sound in its entirety. A sound, as a provocateur of a reflection in the general public.

Their work is based on a microscopic work on the treatment of sound through analytical processes using new techniques, modification of instruments and construction of new sound objects, as well as a rethinking of classical techniques by revising and cataloguing them in terms of the result with its multitude of possible variants. All this is done through close work with composers.

Their repertoire focuses on the 21st century and the second half of the 20th century, maintaining a strong commitment to musical artistic creation with a large number of commissions from internationally renowned composers such as Pierluigi Billone, José Luis Torá, Hugo Morales, Javier Quislant, Voro García, Adrian Borredá, Clara Olivares, Carlos Fontcuberta, etc.

The members of SYNERGEIN Project identify themselves as artisan researchers of sound, capable of encouraging, inciting and provoking composers to approach the creation of new physical natures of sound.

SYNERGEIN Project, with its activity, reclaims the role that the formation of the percussion ensemble had in the 20th century for the 21st century, as a redefiner of a new concept of the percussion instrument and of the percussion ensemble as a vehicle for new sonorous entities.

SYNERGEIN Project is committed to introducing into our society actions that lead to reflection on life, building channels of connection with the listener.

One of these actions is the sequence of recordings called RESISTÈNCIA SΩNΩRA que lanzó en el año 2021 con el CD «RECONSTRUCCIÓN DEL CORTE«. Esta serie de grabaciones tiene como objetivo oponer resistencia al tiempo, registrando aquellas obras que comisiona y/o aquellas obras nunca grabadas o importantes en su trayectoria.

«ELOGIO DE LA LOCURA» is the second RESISTÈNCIA SΩNΩRA. This work contains works from 1993 to 2022. On the one hand, there is the most primitive viscerality linked to madness with the works "El Tumbao" and "Tratado de la locura" by Ramón Ramos. The originality of Mexican composer Hugo Morales with "LÜ" for prepared vibraphone and "Wireless" for three guitars without strings. The timbral delicacy of the Valencian composer Voro García with "Liquid Times" and "Immagine sonora di Tarab". Finishing with by Manuel R. Valenzuela. A work for 2 Apprehension Engine with electronics. This work revolves around the idea of intertextuality through the simulation and combination of different sound sources.