Batecs de Llum

Ya puedes comprar el nuevo CD «Batecs de Llum». CD monográfico de percusión del compositor Voro Garcia grabado por Synergein Project.
  1. Parodie Spezzate (2005) **
  2. El rayo que no cesa (2009)
  3. Latidos (2011) * / **
  4. Oscura raiz de un sueño II (2012) **
  5. Grito a la vida (2016) **
  6. La luz no basta (2019) * / **

* Dedicadas a Synergein Project
** Primera grabación

Percusionistas SP: Sisco Aparici, Juanjo Llopico, Álvaro Belda
Trompetistas: Juanjo Serna y Carlos Benetó (miembros Spanish Brass), Guillem Rodriguez y Natalia Gómez
Trombonistas: Indalecio Bonet (miembro Spanish Brass), Enrique Cotolí, Alberto Miguel y Marcos Miquel
Saxofonista barítono: Ricard Capellino
Director musical de Parodie Spezzate: Juan Pablo Hellín


SYNERGEIN Project was founded in 2014 as a percussion ensemble whose main purpose is to deal with sound in its entirety. A sound, as a provocative of a reflection in the general public.

Its work is based on a microscopic work of the treatment of sound through analytical processes by means of new techniques, instrument modification and new sound object construction, as well as a reformulation of classical techniques, revising them and cataloguing them according to the result with its multitude of possible variants. All this through careful work with composers, where they finally incorporate the results in the works commissioned by Synergein Project.

Their repertoire focuses on the 20th century and especially on the 21st century. Their compromise with musical artistic creation is reflected in the large number of commissions they have received, such as Pierluigi Billone, José Luis Torá, Hugo Morales, Javier Quislant, Voro García, etc.


Among their repertoire we find works by Alberto Posadas, Helmut Lachenmann, José Manuel López, Hèctor Parra, Brian Ferneyhough, etc.

It is important to mention the International Academy SYNERGEIN Project, where internationally renowned composers and percussionists meet with young percussionists and composers interested in everything related to  new aesthetic movements.

Further projects include the creation of their own methodology to provide young percussionists with the tools they need to tackle today's music, "BATECS DE LLUM", a  monographic CD by Voro García and the premieres of works by P. Billone, J. Torá and J. Quislant.



  • Percussion workshop "In search of contemporary music
  • 3º meeting SYNERGEIN Project Festival
  • 3º meeting SYNERGEIN Project Academy
  • 2º encuentro SYNERGEIN Project Academy
  • 2º encuentro Festival SYNERGEIN Project
  • Presentación X Academia Synergein Project 2019
  • I Call for Scores 2018
  • Arrels: Entrevista a los percusionistas de Synergein Project
  • 3º Encuentro - IX Synergein Project Academy
  • IX Synergein Project Academy
  • Nexeduet meeting and concert by Simone Beneventi
  • Nexeduet meeting and concert with Johannes Fischer
  • "Splitting"

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