Las Sombras del Exterminador
Ya puedes comprar el CD «Las sombras del Exterminador». CD de percusión solo interpretado por Sisco Aparici y subvencionado por Culturarts - Generalitat Valenciana.


Synergein Project is a pedagogical-musical project that was born at the end of 2014 under the artistic direction of the percussionist Sisco Aparici and the composer and performer of electro-acoustic music Vicent Gómez who is joined in 2016 by the percussionist Juanjo Llopico, three musicians with a solid background, with a wide experience in participating in national and international contemporary music festivals and with a need and intense passion for the knowledge, creation, pedagogy and performance of contemporary music.

The basis of this project is an open and flexible configuration that modulates and adapts to different artistic and pedagogical projects, both musical and interdisciplinary, open to experimentation and interaction with new technologies, and with the clear objective of generating new works, either our own or commissioned, that provide new forms of expression and interpretation and contribute to enriching and disseminating the contemporary musical repertoire.

Its main activity is focused on creating synergies between its two types of proposals: interpretative and pedagogical. In the interpretative aspect, Synergein Project focuses both on the musical repertoire of the 20th and 21st centuries and its dissemination in concerts and national and international contemporary music festivals, and on the experimentation and promotion of new interdisciplinary projects.Its commitment to musical artistic creation is reflected in the large number of composers currently composing its repertoire, including Pierluigi Billone, Brian Ferneyhough, Stefano Gervasoni, Toshio Hosokawa, Helmut, among others.


On the other hand, the Academia Internacional Synergein Project offers to professional or superior percussion students an excellent framework to study the most current repertoire, both acoustic and with electro-acoustic means, with first class international percussion teachers and concert artists such as Christian Dierstein, Jean Geoffroy, Adam Weisman, Arnold Marinisen, Tom de Cock, Gaston Sylvestre, Pascal Pons, Juanjo Llopico, Sisco Aparici, among others. The practical classes are completed with music technology workshops, conferences and concerts.

Synergein Project is the new artistic project of the TDM Trio of Magic Association. This association has been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Development (AECID) as Representatives of the Spanish Culture abroad in 2012 and 2013, also has been awarded repeatedly by the prestigious foundation "Ernst von Siemens" for their work in educational outreach through the International Academy TDM and the Call for Young Composers.



  • Percussion workshop "In search of contemporary music
  • 3º meeting SYNERGEIN Project Festival
  • 3º meeting SYNERGEIN Project Academy
  • 2º encuentro SYNERGEIN Project Academy
  • 2º encuentro Festival SYNERGEIN Project
  • Presentación X Academia Synergein Project 2019
  • I Call for Scores 2018
  • Arrels: Entrevista a los percusionistas de Synergein Project
  • 3º Encuentro - IX Synergein Project Academy
  • IX Synergein Project Academy
  • Nexeduet meeting and concert by Simone Beneventi
  • Nexeduet meeting and concert with Johannes Fischer
  • "Splitting"

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