Synergein Project

Sisco Aparici


Sisco Aparici, dedicates all his artistic activity to avant-garde music, both in the field of research and in that of performance and pedagogy.

Juanjo Llopico


Juanjo Llopico obtained the Superior Degree of Music in Valencia with the highest qualifications. Later he moved to Basel with Christian Dierstein and obtained the Master of Arts "Musikalishe Performance" and the Master of Arts "Solist Diplome" with the highest qualifications.

Marc Moreno


Born in Llanera de Ranes (Valencia), he studied percussion at the Valencia Conservatory of Music.

Luis Azcona


Luis Azcona is a contemporary percussionist from Zaragoza currently living in Bern, Switzerland. He specialises in Sound Arts and Chamber Music.

Iván Ferrer

Medios electrónicos

Iván Ferrer Orozco (Mexico City, 1976) is a composer, performer and electronic media assistant. In his work he makes extensive use of electronic media to create music that is a mixture of dynamic and physical forces that flow and expand.