1. I Call for Scores is open to composers of all ages and nationalities.
  2. Works must be written for duo, trio or percussion quartet. They may include electronic and/or video.
  3. The duration of the submitted works should not exceed 15 minutes. The submission of longer works is permitted but works up to 15 minutes in duration are more likely to be chosen.
  4. It can be writen for any percussion setup but for the choice of them will be taken by the availability of the instruments .
  5. The submitted works may be not previously performed or published.
  6. Each composer can submit as many works as desired. We charge an entry fee of 20€ per submitted work.
  7. The organization will be responsible for the accommodation and food of those composers selected during the event. The composer will be in charge of the trip to the concert venue.
  8. The score must be identified only by its title. The name of the author must not appear anywhere.
  9. Documents to provide:
    • A PDF registration file available here: Registration I Call for Scores
    • A recent photo of the composer.
    • The score in PDF.
    • Audio file of electronics in AIFF or WAV format, stereo, 44.100 and 16 bit format (just in case of being with electronics).
    • A copy of the payment receipt.
  10. Everything will be sent to the following email: [email protected] eventually using a file sharing service (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).
  11. Please pay the submission fee per bank transfer to:

– IBAN: ES90 2100 4578 9101 0022 6946


– Beneficiary: Synergein Project

   12. Submission deadline: 31st March 2019.

   13. The jury, composed by members from Synergein Project Academy and renowned composers, will evaluate and choose a certain number of works from the total number of works received.

   14. The selected composers will be informed by mail.

   15. The artistic committee of Synergein Project should be able to choose a composer, among the selected ones, who will be request a new work for season 2019-20 and its recording production.

Taking part in this Call for Scores suppose to assume all conditions above mentioned.