Synergein Project

Juanjo Llopico obtained the Superior Degree of Music in Valencia with the highest qualifications. Later he moved to Basel with Christian Dierstein and obtained the Master of Arts "Musikalishe Performance" and the Master of Arts "Solist Diplome" with the highest qualifications.

He is a member of the group Synergein Project, with which he has performed at the best contemporary music festivals in Europe and has established a direct link with the most important composers on the international scene. He has also been a member of the Ensemble d'Arts, the Basel Percussion group and the Boswil Ensemble, among others.

His CDs include recordings with Visual Sonora, KRB Studios, Stradivarius, among others. It is worth mentioning his recent recording of the CD "Batecs de Llum", a monographic CD by Voro García, a CD called "Reconstrucción del corte" and a new CD recording for the end of 2022 called "Tratamiento de la locura" with works by Voro García, Manuel R. Valenzuela, J. Quislant and Hugo.

As a teacher, he is a percussion teacher and director of the Alto Palancia Music School, a teacher at the Onda Professional Conservatory and a teacher at the International Academy-Festival "Synergein Project".