The Microscopic Performance - Biopsy of the Interpretation"

The X Academy SYNERGEIN Project inaugurates in this second meeting a new space called "The Microscopic Performance - Biopsy of the Interpretation"which will accompany us in all the meetings and will be transmitted live via streaming.

It is a space where all the necessary knowledge will be dealt with in order to be able to properly and rigorously face the study of the repertoire necessary for the training of the percussionist.

This will include the following items:

  • Background
  • Macro-micro structure analysis
  • Choice of instruments
  • Set configuration
  • Choice of mallets
  • Use of extended techniques
  • Detection of the difficulties presented by the piece
  • Different ways of dealing with the study by analysing the difficulties presented by the piece
  • Which piece could be played before and which piece could be played after (orientation)
  • Versions of the piece, etc.

All this will take place in 3 stages: open interpretation, conference where all the above-mentioned points will be addressed and final performance.

The works proposed for this meeting are:


Psappha (1975)

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) / JUANJO LLOPICO
Friday 1st March, at 4.30pm. La Cassola" Theatre


Two movements for marimba (1965)

Toshimitsu Tanaka (1930) / SISCO APARICI
Friday 1st March, at 8pm. Theater "La Cassola"

3rd MEETING: 23rd TO 27th APRIL

The love of l'Historie

Charles DeLancey (1919-2004) / JUANJO LLOPICO


Side by side (1989)

Michio Kitazume (1948) / SISCO APARICI