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2º meeting SYNERGEIN Project Festival

There are already ten editions of our international Festival / Academy, the first seven under the title of TDM International Academy “Trio de Magia” and from the eighth already under the name of Academia & Festival Synergein Project.

As a novelty we have the pleasure of presenting the I Call for Scores which will take place on May 10, 11 and 12, 2019 and also inaugurates in this second meeting a new space called “The Interpretation to the Microscope – Biopsy of interpretation”, which will accompany us in all the meetings and will be broadcast live via streaming. It is a place where all the necessary knowledge will be tackled to be able to deal properly and rigorously with the study of the necessary repertoire for the training of the percussionist. In this meeting we will have the opportunity to analyze the work Psappha by composer I. Xenakis (Friday, March 1, at 4:30 p.m. in the theater “La Cassola) and Two movements for marimba by composer Tohimitsu Tanaka (Friday, March 1, at 20:00 at the theater “la Cassola”).

Throughout four meetings the percussion and composition students will be able to attend classes, conferences, chamber music and music technology workshops, master-classes and concerts by top-level international music teachers and composers. Likewise, the concerts of the Synergein Project Academy are a unique opportunity to show avant-garde music to the general and specialized public. The concerts will be held in different rooms in the town of Onda. The uniqueness of this place of meeting and exchange of ideas comes from the consideration of the global dimension and the transversality of its activities as a structural core of the pedagogical-musical process.

Further information at:

Sisco Aparici (Artistic Director)

Juanjo Llopico (Academic Director)

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