3º Encuentro – IX Synergein Project Academy

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Synergein Project has the pleasure to present the 3rd Meeting which will take place from 4th until 8th April 2018 in Onda (Castellón). In this occasion we will have the chance of working beside to percussionist Christian Dierstein and composers  Carola Bauckholt and José Luis Torá. Likewise it will take place the 3rd Workshop of Music Technologies applied to percussion imparted by Vicent Gómez.

In addition to pedagogy activity it will take also place the Synergein Project Festival with 3 concerts programmed on the days 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th april. Further information at this link Festival Synergein.



  • 4th April – Carola Bauckholt: “Music theatre in percussion works by Carola Bauckholt”
  • 6th and 8th April – Christian Dierstein: ”Sound transformation: from sound to noise to sound in works by Helmut Lachenmann ““Sound exploration in percussion works by Billone”
  • 8th April – José Luis Torá: “From the body of sound (from / to percussion)”


Max / MSP is a graphic programming environment for music, audio and multimedia applications. This program was developed in the mid-eighties at IRCAM by Miller Puckette and subsequently implemented by David Zicarelli and Cycling’74, (the company that sells it since 1997). There are many professionals who use this program, creating customized tools for composition, sound design, live performances and audiovisual installations.
Max is used for composition, creation and design of interactive programs with music and multimedia. It has much flexibility for interaction with a variety of media, protocols and interfaces.
This workshop presents the main objectives of making contact with the user-level program and assimilation of basic concepts of programming in that environment applied to the interaction with acoustic i digital instruments.
At the end of the workshop, the participants will develop a customized project that will serve, as a practice, for an improvisation session.



During that course we will have the opportunity of working a Monograph concert for peercussion by composer Carola Bauckholt with the following works:

  • Geräusche (for percussion duo)
  • Polizeitrieb (for percussion duo)
  • Hirn&Ei (for Zipper cuartet)
  • Der aufgefaltete Raum (for 4 percussionist and 4 in distance)

We will also have the chance of working pieces by José Luis Torá:

  • quehacer del tacto full of mirroredness (for percussion duo in one timpani)
  • saw digression hobbling driftwood (positione di voce) (for 2 melodic saw and contact microphones)
  • declarar la corteça de la letra (wie Scherben […] eines Gefäßes) (for solo percussion with electronics)
  • Wq 132. à creux perdu (for solo saxophone)

Likewise every student will have the chance of working all repertory notifying  in advance to the organisation.


This event will be carried our during the days 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th April with the following schedules attached below:


Every person interest on this course can make the registration in the following link

At this occasion the Percussion Active modality will be integrated by :

  • 4 hours 30 min of individual lesson by guest and permanent percussion teachers, itemsize on:
    •  2 sessions with Christian Dierstein (1 lesson of 1h 30 min – 1 lesson of 1h)
    •  1 lesson with Juanjo Llopico (1h lesson).
    • 1 lesson with Sisco Aparici (1h lesson).
  • The opportunity of working as active all repertory from resident composers at Synergein Project Academy (Carola Bauckholt and José Luis Torá).
  • 3 Conferences by Christian Dierstein, Carola Bauckholt and José Luis Torá.
  • Music Technology Workshop imparted by Vicent Gómez.
  • 1 Solo/Chamber Concert preparation.
  • Many workshops by percussion teachers of Synergein Project.


Hope to see you all!!!

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